Davor B. Vincze

Composer Art Director


As an artist I am fascinated by modern media and the way it changes human perception of its surroundings. The overload of useless information one can find while surfing the internet is being transformed into clots of notes, which together form a sort of musical lace. Semantically I often treat topics concerning hidden feelings, cravings and all those things one would like to do, say, make, but does not dare, and thus tend to use related texts. From a technical point of view, I get inspired by natural phenomena, which then become algorithmic models for finding new acoustic solutions in my sound explorations.

Taking part in renowned festivals and residency programs for composers like Présences, Impuls, Mata, Manifeste, Steirischer Herbst, Royaumont, etc., I was able to exchange and discuss my ideas with C. Czernowin, P. Ablinger, M. André, H. Parra and others. My pieces have been performed by professional ensembles for new music (Secession Orchestra, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Modern, Talea, Slovene Philharmonics, Ensemble Recherche) and the acceptance of my work also led to several scholarships (Boulanger, Frankopan, Erasmus, …).

Studying composition at music academies in Graz and Stuttgart as well as at Ircam in Paris, gave me the opportunity to learn from great composers such as C. Gadenstätter, S. Gervasoni, G. F. Haas, G. Kühr, K. Lang, M. Lanza, M. Stroppa and J. C. Walter. In 2014, together with my team, I started NOVALIS – festival which focuses on contemporary music and related interdisciplinary projects. Currently I live in Stanford, where I am doing my doctorate in composition with Brian Ferneyhough. My scores are published by

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