Inflection Point

With the increasing complexity of human environment, the core processes of systems that govern our daily lives become less apparent. On one hand there is more accessible information, but there is also less time to deal with and understand that information. This dichotomy results in fascinating social phenomena, which lie at heart of my artistic interest. Incessant flows of music, glitch sounds, iterative processes and static noise are but a few elements that help me describe resilience of human spirit as we race against our rapidly changing reality. Taking part in renowned festivals and residency programs for composers like Présences, Impuls, Mata, Manifeste, Steirischer Herbst, Royaumont, etc., I was able to exchange and discuss my ideas with C. Czernowin, P. Ablinger, M. André, H. Parra and others. My pieces have been performed by professional ensembles for new music (Secession Orchestra, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Modern, Talea, Slovene Philharmonics, Ensemble Recherche) and the acceptance of my work also led to several scholarships (Boulanger, Frankopan, Erasmus, …). Studying composition at music academies in Graz and Stuttgart as well as at Ircam in Paris, gave me the opportunity to learn from great composers such as C. Gadenstätter, S. Gervasoni, G. F. Haas, G. Kühr, K. Lang, M. Lanza, M. Stroppa and J. C. Walter. In 2014, together with my team, I started NOVALIS – festival which focuses on contemporary music and related interdisciplinary projects. In 2016 I have strted my doctorate at Stanford university, where I am studing composition with Brian Ferneyhough and conducting with Paul Phillips. Currently I am doing an exchange at University of Chicago, where I am studying with Anthony Cheung, Augusta Read Thomas and Sam Pluta.

Selected as one of 6 winners of ECCO composition competition. "Na Crti Crta" will get performed by Slagwerk Den Haag and streamed online on Feburary 2nd 2021.

"Boris Papandopulo prize" for best Croatian contemporary music composer

Winner of XIII International composition competition Città di Udine 2020 in the category of audiovisual works

One of four awardees of Call for scores by Roberto Trillo/Vertixe Sonora/Hong Kong Baptist University. New piece using Artificial Intelligence for violin and electronics to be premiered in Spain and Hong Kong in 2021

Composer in residence at the Institute of Electronic Music in Graz 2021

Upcoming concerts

17. 10. 2020 "Inflection Point" - Mikrokosmos at Teatro San Giorgio, Udine, 9pm CET



Take your time...hurry-up! (2015-2019) 15'

for bass flute and electronics (written for Carla Rees)

Pushmi-Pullyu (2015) 12‘

for 2 electric guitars and electronics (written for AAA --- AAA)

Copy/Paste (2015) 9'

for 2 accordions (written for Krasimir Sterev)

Atargatis (2012) 8'

for violin and viola (written for Ensemble Recherche)

Bêtes de sexe (2013) 8‘

for tuba and electronics (written for Tancrède Cymermann)

6 miniatures pour femmes au foyer désespérées (2016) 10‘

for piano and tape (written for Maria Skender)


Darkroom (2019) 10‘

for percussion, string orchestra and electronics (written for No Borders Orchestra)

Laibach Concerto (2017) 20'

for marimba, percussion, string orchestra and electronics (to my mother)

Beasts (2016) 10‘

for chamber orchestra (written for Secession Orchestra)

Plagiat (2015) 20'

for mixed ensemble (written for Klangforum Wien)


Inflection point (2011/2012) 12'

for mixed ensemble and electronics (dedicated to of Fukushima incident)

Break-up/Make up/Break-up (2013) 5'

for flute, oboe, piano, violoncello and contrabass (written for Pre-Art)

Fanfare (2019) 10'

for brass sextet and tape

Tomorrow is the past of some distant future (2018) 13‘

for mixed ensemble, narrator and electronics (written for Proton Bern)

E (2015) 8‘

for 3 voices and harpsichord (dedicated to victimes of Charlie Hebdo)


Strune (2018)

Audio-visual installation inspired by the string theory

Strune dissected (2019)

Public presentation of artistic research based on the installation "Strune“